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FlexKom The Business Model

The business model FlexKom offers unique opportunities to earn money, like no other marketing company. With special offers for consultants and individual customers, certain goods and services are traded far below the market value. The only thing that FlexKom consultants have to market actively and with enthusiasm and commitment, is to introduce the FlexKom shopping experience to other people. All consultants work every day with the same business tools in a fun and safe online environment. Price promotions and new products are promptly communicated through the portal and hit sooner or later the right prospects directly.

The Compensation Plan from FlexKom

The FlexKom compensation plan is as simple as secure. Distributors can generate income in two ways: 1. by merely recommending products to potential customers worldwide or 2. by establishing an international distribution network of their own. FlexKom-Online is a “global” Internet shopping portal. The business is not limited by borders or time zones. The FlexKom business model is not about selling a single product, but rather about a special sales idea whose time has come: the customer oriented e-commerce. This marketing model offers people around the world the opportunity to potentially find new partners, just through the online access of a single customer.

FlexKom Passive Income

PASSIVE INCOME. The concept of passive income sources is practiced in many industries: industrial, music and film industries (license fees and user charges), insurance agents and recommendations of investors in bond funds, real estate investors, photographers (Image fees), software designers, computer game developer and network operators.
By creating sales structures a single person, through the use of time, effort and resources, can create a separate marketing channels to increase sales. This model generates additional bonuses and commissions by ways of duplication. The majority of people who start at FlexKom begin the business in their spare time and can thus generate corespondingly additional income at more flexible hours. The more successful they manage the business, the sooner they are able to be fulltime in the Network. According to statistics from leading experts about 95 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years. Franchisees have a lower risk, since they follow a proven and successful business concept and work according to the given philosophy and sales plan. Many professionals from all economics and backgrounds are not just looking for more money, but also cherish the ‘abstract’ desire for more freedom and independence. What is the point of making a lot of money if you have no time to enjoy is? So, how can you earn residual income with FlexKom? The customer is the most important foundation of our business – so to speak, the source of life in our system.

The coordinators in turn act as a guide and get paid a passive income. In an exemplary manner FlexKom has created a system in which the online and the conventional commerce continues to operate, but no actual products are produced. Under the central identifier www.flexkom.com there are tens of thousands of items of everyday consumer products, many of which are specially inexpensive brand products, that are marketed through a modern distribution network. Through the revenue and recommendation of each client the FlexKom Coordinator (franchisee) participates with an active and passive income. The special combination of online trading and conventional commerce provides each distributor with additional active and passive income. This system is extremely safe and is supported solely by the latest technology. FlexKom offers its customers, distributors, small and midsize enterprizes excellent support with this concept in all areas. For our franchisees, we provide the knowledge and the necessary tools to become successful and to remain so. The FlexKom distributor can easily build from his home office an almost infinite number of FlexCard customers that generate revenues and he even profits from these revenues directly through both online and conventional commerce/services industry. Find out about the sensational FlexKom business model now. Your personal FlexKom coordinator will be happy to invite you to one of the daily held webinars or to a FlexKom business presentation held in your area.

Network Marketing – Franchising

In recent years, a variety of-scale companies have started to actively use network marketing as a form of marketing to reach new customers better and thus increase sales. Loyal customers and employees are paid bonuses from product sales for their recommendations. This passive income leads to further recommendations and an effective revenue-enhancing chain reaction develops

Annually, about 200 billion dollars in sales are achieved in the network marketing industry. Various market studies show that this is likely to exceed the trillion mark in total revenues in the coming years. Known product manufacturers and sales organizations in the fields of detergents, wellness, nutrition, clothing, electronics … are extremely successful with this distribution and business model for decades. Independent economists and financial experts in this industry are predicting a huge and attractive future ahead.

This form of distribution is not dependent on language, religion, race, gender or occupation. In this industry, anyone can work and be successful by working hard and steadily by increasing their team. Network marketing is the only system that allows even simple, non-academic people to generate extraordinary income.

This form of distribution, the business volume will grow significantly and expanded. The 100% effort of a single person is able to save more energy and time than the 1% charge of 100 people.


Shopping on the Internet has caused a revolution in buying habits that will continue and expand. The use of the Internet will continue to be essential in all areas of our lives.

Already 38 % of all purchases are made through the Web. (Study TNS Infratest) Over the past five years, the e-commerce revenue generally increased by approximately 75 %, and has thus become the fastest growing sector of the economy. The e-commerce boom is fully integrated into everyday life. Men and women of all ages visit almost daily social media communities and online shopping portals, they can send and receive emails and get attractive information on web campaigns and actions here.

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